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Choose between three sample paper packs to discover what you like!


Custom Paper Orders


ALUNA primarily works with cotton, abaca, and kozo fibers, and specializes in plantable, petal, and embellished papers.  The handmade paper is made for writing, drawing, calligraphy, letterpress and digital printing.  This is a small-batch, made-to-order studio but we are equipped for a relatively quick turnaround.    

All paper is customizable; though there be price adjustments depending on the project details. Please note that with handmade paper, there will always be slight variations to the paper.

It is suggested that you order a small run of samples prior to placing a larger order especially for printing. 

Paper Sizes with Deckled Edge:

4x6" - 6x8" - 6x9" - 8x10" - 8 1/2x11"